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Our SYNLawn synthetic turf yard is so beautiful that neighbors are always asking about it! We always give SYNLawn a big 'two thumbs-up' recommendation! -- Monte & Megan Q.
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Residential Lawns

Artificial Grass Lawn Installation for Homes in Los Angeles, CA

 Lawns made from SYNLawn® synthetic turf keep their perfect look and feel year in and year out regardless of weather conditions. Owners of our artificial lawns enjoy an existence much different than their neighbors with natural grass; one with lower water bills, free of time-consuming yard work and enriched by the aesthetic beauty our artificial grass can bring to any home.

Our customers are routinely amazed at what the switch to our synthetic grass landscaping turf can do to their water bills. You can expect a reduction of approximately two-thirds of your water bill simply switching to one of our synthetic lawns!  Look for SYNLawn® synthetic turf in a number of applications including:

  • Artificial lawns
  • Landscaping turf for homes
  • Backyard golf greens
  • Indoor putting greens
  • Playground turf
  • Sports turf
  • Pet turf
  • Rooftops, decks and patios
  • Residential applications

Our artificial turf will make mowing and fertilizing a thing of the past; freeing up your weekends like never before! And, you can expect our grass to last and maintain its great looks through frigid winters, boiling summers and heavy foot traffic. SYNLawn® grass is a low environmental impact product that needs to be replaced and recycled less than other turf products and is 100% lead-safe. and in terms of durability our Omega technology makes for products that stand the test of time.

Once you make the switch to a synthetic grass lawn you’ll wonder what took you so long!  Our experienced designers and installers will work closely with you to create a custom installation that accentuates and elevates your outdoor space. Make SYNLawn® your first call for a yard that promises to be the envy of your friends and neighbors. 

Best Rated Products For Your Residential Lawn

SYNAugustine 347

SKU: SA347 | Total Weight: 78 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNAugustine 347

SYNAugustine 347 utilizes cutting-edge artificial grass technology employing a multi-colored combination of natural colors to create our softest, most realistic looking grass to date. Featuring a fusion of smooth, beautiful tri-colored Omega shaped grass blades with a dense tri-colored tan thatch for a multi-dimensional, natural appearance and comfy feel. This variety of synthetic turf also includes Heatblock™ Technology further reducing surface temperatures for even more enjoyment.

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SYNFescue 354

SKU: SF354 | Total Weight: 106 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNFescue 354

The ultimate in natural appearance, SYNFescue 354 combines multi-colored 'Omega' shaped grass blades with HeatBlock Technology and EnviroLoc Backing Technology for a lush, natural appearance that also offers superior dimensional stability, outstanding durability and low surface temperatures. Choose SYNFescue 354 for ultimate resiliency, performance, and a beautiful landscape that will last for years.

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SYNFescue 354 Review

The SYNLawn distributor installed the product in the front and back yard of our home. The crew arrived on time each day and worked diligently throughout the day. The finished result is fantastic! We are impressed by the number of motorists and pedestrians who pause in front of the house---as well as the number of compliments we receive.
Author: GBCOD

we have had this for a week and we love it! the kids love playing and rolling around on it. Now they are going to have a camp out!!
Author: christina1234

My wife and I have been so pleasantly surprised by the beautiful and realistic looking SYNFescue 354. My son, who plays lacrosse, is grinning ear to ear as his daily workouts are better than ever on the consistent quality turf. The product is durable, low maintenance and eco-friendly. I haven't run my irrigation system since installation and my yard service now only comes once a month to trim bushes and use a leaf blower.
Author: bunkyj

Bought this two weeks ago and our kids love it. It looks great and requires very little maintenance.
Author: anelson89

We put #354 in our "Mud Pits"....our so-called 'lawn' areas that surround our waterfall and have beautiful big trees surrounding them. Obviously, the grass never grew....and we put time effort, and a lot of money, hard work and effort into installing sod, seed, black dirt, lime, etc., etc...... No more! We are absolutely thrilled with the #354. We cannot say enough good things about Chris, our salesperson and install foreman who was so meticulous and careful to cut around each and every boulder. The lawn looks and feels real! We are so happy!
Author: Diane

Synlawn installed Fescue 354 in my front yard about 3 weeks ago. They arrived at 7:30 AM as scheduled and worked straight through until about 2:30 PM when the installation was completed. The team was very professional and courteous and answered all of my questions. Several neighbors have stopped by to give us compliments on how nice it looks.
Author: John

I bought this product a couple of moths ago and i have to admit that it totally meets my expectations. I decided to give synthetic grass as my backyard is right behind a water retention zone and impossible to grow natural grass due to moles,voles, mice name it! I wanted my kids to be able to go outside and have a place to play without worrying about the bad weeds or simply the amount of dirt left everywhere by mole tunnels. Well Synlawn delivers it and i am another satisfied customer. Not only that it looks real but it is clean, comfortable and close to no maintenance and most importantly no fertilizer, no pesticides and no herbicides which is a peace of mind for the kids when they play! I live in the Ottawa area and a special thanks to Synlawn Ottawa's Larry Roy and his team for the perfect installation, awesome! If there is anything i can suggest after my two month experience is that i recommend buying a bristle power brush for weekly maintenance especially if you are surrounded by trees as it makes the job much cleaner and faster as long as getting the fibre grain way up in the air which of course makes your grass look so real! Thanks guys!
Author: Pascal

We bought this a month ago and we have never been happier. I wish we would have done it sooner
Author: our yard

Ok where to begin, we took out overgrown disaster of a back yard in Brooklyn and ripped everything out. We added Synfescue 354 to the year, over 700 sq ft of it. Installation was not as hard as we imagined, the team arrived early on day one and worked late into the evening, then again the next day. The had to carry everything through the house in buckets, so considering that mess was negligible. The installation guys were very nice, hard working and did a great job. They were able to cut around a tree and make it look natural. So, it take s awhile to get used to the produce, for a start you have a perfect lawn, that admittedly, looks to perfect, I mean who's lawn looks THIS good, but when you get over that, it's really cool. It feels very spongy and soft on foot and lush. I would never have imagined writing that rubout a plastic grass, I mean all my friends laughed at me, then they saw the product, it really isn't your moms plastic grass, this actually looks real close up. We have had some pretty big rainfall since installation and so far it is draining as advertised, no pooling, very good.So, as it stands, very happy, so far so good but remember it's only been a week so early days.
Author: Malb

We had a gravel yard and replaced most of it with Synlawn. Best landscaping decision we ever made
Author: Siby

Just got my new SynLawn installed and it looks better than the old grass. Expecting big savings from water bills and lawn maintenance.
Author: Dave46

My wife and I were debating on having turf installed in our backyard since we knew natural grass would not work due to competing trees and to much shade. I caaled Southeast Turf and spoke to Scott Marks. He came out and showed me samples of turf and measured property for qoute. The area to be covered was to go around a deck, fire pit, and garden. I did have sticker shock once I received qoute but Scott was able to work with me to come up with a cost that both of us could accept. I signed contract and next thing you know 4 men werer at the house the following week and the turf was installed in one day. My wife and I love it! It looks great and feels wonderful on your bear feet. We are so glad we decided to have Turf installed and that we went with Southeast Turf LLC. to install it.
Author: chris48

I have had this grass for 5 years and it still looks perfect. We never have to rake it and the multiple colors look great. Thanks SYNlawn for making our lives easier.
Author: elberkho

We had turf installed in our back yard less than one month ago and are very pleased at this point. The crew was on time and installed the turf as scheduled. They were very conscientious and did a thorough job. The turf looks great and have been playing on it every day.
Author: kevin

"Our installation was finished on 05/28/14, and it has made a tremendous difference to the front of our home. We were literally standing across the street tonight admiring it, together with our new lighting system. Manny of Easy Grass and all his employees were also a pleasure to deal with and get the job accomplished!"
Author: Marisol747

SYNFescue 254

SKU: SF254 | Total Weight: 88 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNFescue 254

SYNFescue 254 incorporates multi-colored green blades with a realistic tan thatch for the perfect simulation of natural grass. Manufactured combining 'Omega' shaped yarn with our exclusive HeatBlock Technology for lower surface temperatures coupled with our exclusive EnviroLoc Backing Technology to 'lock-in' grass fibers for ultimate resiliency and a lush, beautiful landscape for years to come.

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SYNFescue 254 Review

Job was great and wish I did years ago too save money and no lawn headaches
Author: Bobby

I purchased my Synlawn grass one year ago. I love it, no water, no gardening expenses and it looks great. My neighbors tell me I have the nicest lawn in my neighborhood. One passer-by asked me what type of grass seed I had used to grow it before realizing it was Synlawn! With the current drout in the central valley, I made a good decision about purchasing my Synlawn and I'm very happy I did!
Author: Lovedogs2

We had the grass put in about 6 months ago and it is doing great. Our dog loves to scratch her back and nose in it. It is great!
Author: ltl412

We had SYNLawn installed last summer in our shady back yard where nothing would grow. Absolutely love it! Not only does it look great year round, we have two boys, and all the kids in the neighborhood love playing on it. Mud is no longer tracked into my house. It dries quickly. The kids like that it doesn't itch and there are no bugs. No mowing or watering. No brown spots from the dog. Installation only took a few hours. We constantly get compliments from neighbors and friends. One of the best purchase decisions we ever made.

Bought this product almost 2 years ago, looks great, lots of complements, have been asked more than once how we keep our lawn looking so nice
Author: fcbmira

I love the look of my lawn. The main problem I have is the weeds growing through. This is so much work to pull the weeds, it really defeated the purpose for purchase..I wanted less work not more work !!
Author: JB0548

Unbelievable product. Changed my backyard living. Looks better than I ever imagined
Author: Js123

I just had this installed this week and I couldn't be happier.
Author: Dante

Since we have this product installed over a month ago our pool stays free of dirt and looking crystal clear.
Author: JHerrera

Several years ago we put SYNLawn in a small section in our backyard and loved it!! Every time you look out the back door the yard is green and beautiful so when the opportunity became available to do the larger section of our backyard I did not hesitate. I called the Clovis office and an estimator came out quickly. Our beautiful lawn was installed by professionals, they answered our questions and did a great job. If you are considering this for your home, I highly recommend it. I have animals that use the first section we had installed and it still looks as good as the day it was installed. I expect nothing less from the new section recently installed. I have just signed up to have my front lawn area done too!! I cannot wait, our house will be the envy of the block and we are being good stewards of out precious resource "water" too.
Author: jrba

Three years ago we purchased Synlawn and we loved it so much that we took out a landscape area and added additional Synlawn. It looks great and we are very happy with the results. We recommended it to our daughter and she has just had her back yard done.
Author: CocaCola

Since we have had the SynFescue installed at our Wedding / Special event area we have had so many compliments. Our guests love the area and the fact that we are saving money not having to irrigate or mow is incredible.
Author: Lenny

At first I was a bit leary of having a "fake" lawn, but with the drought and a small backyard, it was the only thing that made sense. SYNLawn was professional and polite, and the backyard looks fantastic. The dogs love it, and it makes our yard feel complete. We are absolutely satisfied with the quality and look of the lawn!
Author: laurielou73

Everything from start to finish was exceptionally done by this firm: contact, responsivness, courtesy, professionalism, timing, installation, tidiness, quality. They delivered what they promised. Are there cheaper products out there ?. Perhaps. I don't know, because I'm extremely happy by how my back yard looks, so I feel I got my money back every time I look at how it looks. Truly an awesome experience...
Author: Charlie

Our lawn was put in just a few days ago, but two of our grandchildren have already played on it and they had no problem going barefoot. This was one of our concerns so we are so happy about that feature. It looks great, and we are delighted we chose Synlawn.
Author: cheri

After having our back yard lawn replaced twice in two years, and watching it turn to a wasteland, our SYNlawn looks good, keeps our dog clean, and has reduced dust and allergens.
Author: Fafy

The SYNlawn has transformed our back yard. It is like adding a room. We spend a lot more time out there now.
Author: Anns lawn

We have struggled with our backyard lawn for decades. Installed a Synlawn turf last summer and have been 100% happy with our clean, neat, maintenance free yard ever since.
Author: laffallot2

SYNZoysia 633

SKU: SZ633 | Total Weight: 93 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNZoysia 633

SYNZoysia 633 is one of our most natural-looking products because of its low sheen. The field apple, Y-shaped polyethylene yarn and beige and brown polypropylene thatch will have everyone wondering if it’s the real deal. The soft, resilient duraflex fibers help the turf pop back up, so it works well in medium to heavy traffic areas. Our HeatBlock™ Technology keeps your lawn up to 20-percent cooler, which makes it more comfortable for both bare toes and paws. It’s recommended for residential and commercial landscape, pet, playground and rooftop applications.

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SYNZoysia 314

SKU: SZ314 | Total Weight: 108 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNZoysia 314

Utilizing the latest technology to create the ultimate in artificial grass luxury and comfort. SYNZoysia 314 combines our softest, multi-colored green polyethylene grass blades with dense green thatch for a surprisingly comfortable yet durable artificial grass product that feels great when you kick your shoes off. Ideal for the whole family including pet zones, play areas and entertainment spaces.

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SYNZoysia 314 Review

I bought this product in June of 2012 and love it. It is beautiful to look at, especially in the winter months. The only maintenance that I have had to do is remove leaves and pine needles that have blown onto it and spray off the dust every once and a while. It was the best thing I could have done for my yard!
Author: SuzyB

I've had it now for 16 months and I am very happy with the product and the installation.However the price is very high. It was almost $12/ft. I can afford it but too many people cannot. I say this because the water savings (CA) are important and the virtually zero maintenance for an aging population is a winner. Its an excellent product.
Author: joey

"this lawn and installation has given me beauty and poodle joy for my dog tiffanyit is a pleasure and ease of maintenance to enjoy with very little effort on my part.It has enhanced my small patio area for out door living through out the whole year no matter the season. It is in the second year and it looks just as good as when it was installed by the best skilled workers that I thought never existed.It was a joy to watch them work!!!!!!"
Author: tiffany

I am the VP of Board of Directors of my apt. building. We have very few amenities,so I decided to build a roof deck for the shareholders. Was gonna use astro turf for grassy area,what do I know. I found out about the SynLawn people..Oh my god..We have a lawn on our feels so real and of course to the naked eye looks like actual grass. The installers could not have been better...their attention to detail was amazing...would be a great world if all companies delivered the way SynLawn did. Looking to do more on roof as I type. Need I mention we also installed 4 hole Peltz Putting Green System to the delight of many shareholders. And no..I am not related to any SynLawn staff..simply an extremely satisfied customer!!!!!
Author: Promo911

Installed promptly and with minimum hassle. Now we see how it holds up.
Author: Terry

SYNZoysia 256

SKU: SZ256 | Total Weight: 87 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNZoysia 256

SYNZoysia 256 is a great choice when searching for artificial grass with a soft, natural feel. The softness of the olive poly grass blades is combined with thick tan thatch that delivers a durable, yet realistic looking grass that feels surprisingly luxurious on your bare feet. Perfect for backyard areas where young children may be playing or where you enjoy spending your leisure time.

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SYNZoysia 256 Review

Had lawn installed for almost 9 months. Still looks new!
Author: 18231365

Our Synlawn looks so natural, our neighbors walking around the block took bets on if it was real or not!! It's easy to care for and was fairly easy to install. We love it!!
Author: TomDeb22

WHAT A TRANSFORMATION. I was so happy, I wanted to just roll all over my new lawn and I'm sixty-nine (69) years old. Ken most definitely goes over and above "Customer Service". I didn't even get a second bid, because he made me believe he would give me everything I wanted. He exceeded my expectations. I am so proud of my new lawn. Eat your heart out, neighbors!
Author: Bronxfrannie

I think we bought and installed the "BL 250 Basic" about one year ago and are still happy with our decision. We think it looks nice and friends think it looks real... only we don't have any yellow and bare spots. We only need to vacuum occasionally and pull a few weeds around the edges. It seems to be "hotter" to walk on in the summer time than regular grass, but it is nice to not have to buy fertilizer, etc. I suppose we are worried about putting things like a Ping-Pong table on top of it because it might put holes in it and then damage it. Other than that, we are enjoying it.
Author: fatty

"I had the SYNZoydia Premium 250 installed in my front and back yard.I am so happy with it's performance. 365 days a year it is the best lookingyard in the neighborhood. No more mowing or feeding this grass.Everyone who sees it is impressed. I would recommend it to anyone(and I do). Thank you Synlawn."
Author: mert

We live in the high desert where it's hot and there is no water. We xeriscaped our yard but wanted a green patch to soften and cool the look. This beautiful patch really did the trick. It looks like a lush lawn but is totally maintenance free! The SynLawn installers did a beautiful installation and were very polite and professional. Worth every penny!
Author: suzbob

"I bought this grass for a backyard area that did not get enough sun to support realgrass. It looks AMAZING! The dogs love it. It is so much cleaner and easier tomaintain than real grass. I should have done this years ago. Thank you for a great product! I would HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!"
Author: Robert

Our new "SYNlawn" was installed this past month and it looks amazing! Neighbors and people walking by stop to look and ask about it because it looks so green and fresh, and they are usually surprised it is synthetic. Gave our home a "pop" in appearance!
Author: maemae

SYNLawn 356

SKU: SL356 | Total Weight: 102 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNLawn 356

SYNLawn 356 blends multi-colored grass blades with thick tan thatch to enhance its natural beauty. Manufactured using soft, polyethylene yarn blades and polypropylene thatch for the ultimate in comfort and resiliency. Backed with a manufacturer warranty 15 years for a long-lasting, lush, beautiful landscape that will last for years. Recommended for medium foot traffic areas.

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SYNLawn 356 Review

"We decided to replace a 315 sq. ft. area at the end of the patio with SynLawn instead of attempting to nurture live grass. We have three Chihuahuas who regularly utilize the area to relieve themselves.The area was not only for them, though. It was to add to the appearance of the new patio area, as well.The competent, amiable SynLawn installers did an excellent job putting in our new artificial turf. We also had river rock added to the base of existing trees. We love it, as do our dogs, family, and friends!The SynLawn SL356 we had installed is very easy to clean and maintain, even with three dogs (it beats having to try to keep live grass alive, watered and fertilized).If you have been undecided as to whether to have synthetic grass installed, don't wait - just do it! It is well worth it."
Author: Zeke

Our Synlawn was installed this week and was completed yesterday. We were blown away on how amazing it is. It was completed at 4:00 pm and by 5:00 pm our kids were playing in their swimming pool and slip and slide. We are completely satisfied with the backyard. Thank you Synscapes of El Paso, We Love It!!!
Author: celinasalloum

We had our SynLawn installed in July and it has been amazing! Our babies and our 4 legged kids, love it! It truely has been a great experience and we have a beautiful backyard!
Author: andy

SYNLawn 354

SKU: SL354 | Total Weight: 102 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNLawn 354

SYNLawn 354 blends beautiful multi-colored green grass blades with tan thatch to enhance its natural appearance. Manufactured using soft, polyethylene yarn blades and polypropylene thatch for outstanding feel and resiliency. Backed with a manufacturer warranty 15 years for a long-lasting, lush, beautiful landscape that will last for years. Recommended for medium foot traffic areas.

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SYNLawn 354 Review

Thank you to Synlawn Central California. From the sales agent to the office staff to the guys that came out and did the work, we were treated professionally throughout the entire process. We've spent more days in the past three weeks enjoying our backyard than we had in the past year! Everybody who comes over has asked us who has done the work, and we've been happy to say, "Synlawn"!
Author: newyard

"We just had our lawn installed this last week and it's made a hugeImprovement to our yard. We had an ugly yard that was put in by theHome builder and my children couldn't use the space. Now we have aBeautiful and useable space. I am so happy with it!"
Author: Kirsten

Easy care & no more expensive watering a lawn in the desert!
Author: wiselee

We had SYNLawn installed in our backyard in June. My only regret is that we waited so long to do it. Our yard previously was rock and gravel. Over time, with wind and erosion, lots of bare spots developed exposing dirt. We always had dust blowing into our patio and the dog coming in the house with dirty paws. Since our SYNLawn was installed the dust on the patio and in our house is noticeably less. Our carpets are also cleaner because less dirt is being tracked in by the dog and kids. Not only does our back yard look great and provide a comfortable area for adults and the kids, it has also helped improve the inside of the house as well.
Author: jg24nm

SYNLawn 258

SKU: SL258 | Total Weight: 84 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNLawn 258

SYNLawn 258 combines subtle multi-colored green grass blades with tan thatch to enhance its natural beauty. Manufactured using soft, polyethylene yarn blades and polypropylene thatch for outstanding feel and resiliency. Backed with a manufacturer warranty 15 years for a long-lasting, lush, beautiful landscape that will last for years. Recommended for medium foot traffic areas.

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SYNLawn 258 Review

"Installed in kid's backyard play area. Looks and feels great!Installers were fast, meticulous and clean. Thanks synlawn!"
Author: Canyon

We purchased the lawn and it was installed one day prior to a large party. It was a big hit. People loved it. One older gentleman, not knowing that it was artificial, commented as he left the party that it was the best manicured lawn he had seen.
Author: GG48

We just got this installed a little over a week ago. It looks fantastic!!! We are so thrilled to have this product. Our neighbors have all commented on how realistic it looks and we have had people come down just to feel it to see for themselves. Great, great product!
Author: 2boymom

I get up every morning and see beautiful green lawn that looks like it has just been trimmed and edged. Perfect in every way. Most of my neighbors have stopped to tell me that it looks great and they wished they had my lawn. No brown spots and no need to mow.
Author: AnnE

SYNLawn 218

SKU: SL218 | Total Weight: 82 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNLawn 218

SYNLawn 218 blends subtle multi-colored grass blades and thatch to enhance its natural appearance. Manufactured using soft, polyethylene yarn blades and polypropylene thatch for exceptional comfort and resiliency. Backed with a manufacturer warranty 15 years for a long-lasting, lush, beautiful landscape that will last for years. Recommended for medium foot traffic areas.

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SYNLawn 218 Review

We had our new backyard synthetic turf and putting green installed last week and really like it.
Author: xxxx

SYNLawn 154

SKU: SL154 | Total Weight: 64 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNLawn 154

SYNLawn 154 combines green grass blades with tan thatch to create a beautiful, natural appearance. Using soft, polyethylene yarn turf fibers and polypropylene thatch for excellent comfort and resiliency. Backed with a manufacturer warranty 15 years for a long-lasting, lush, beautiful landscape that will last for years. Recommended for light foot traffic areas.

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SYNLawn 154 Review

Author: jack

SYNLawn 114

SKU: SL114 | Total Weight: 71 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNLawn 114

SYNLawn 114 employs subtle multi-colored blades to enhance its natural appearance. Manufactured using soft polyethylene and polypropylene yarn blades for ultimate comfort, combined with our exclusive EnviroLoc Backing Technology to 'lock' in turf fibers for superior resiliency. Backed with a manufacturer warranty 15 years for a long-lasting, lush, beautiful landscape that will last for years.

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SYNLawn 114 Review

This is the fourth and final installment of synlawn products. All the lawn products look great amd the installers were superb.
Author: Nick

"Living in the coastal desert of San Diego, I could no longer justify using water for a lawn. I wanted to replace the backyard lawn with a product that was low maintenance and looked good. I compared the products from a few synthetic lawn companies, and found the best variety and prices at SYNlawn. The estimator was helpful, courteous, and professional. He proposed several ideas of which I incorporated a few into my design.The installation crew worked tirelessly. They had my 900 square foot ""lawn"" installed in one day. The ""lawn"" looks great! A few neighbors came over to see it and were very impressed. SYNlawn is not cheap, but I am already saving $125 per month off my water bill.These photos shows the install in process and almost complete. (I had to leave for an appointment)"
Author: RShaw218

SYNLawn 112

SKU: SL112 | Total Weight: 71 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
SYNLawn 112

SYNLawn 112 combines subtle multi-colored blades to enhance its natural appearance. Manufactured using soft polyethylene and polypropylene yarn blades for ultimate comfort, combined with our exclusive EnviroLoc Backing Technology to 'lock' in turf fibers for superior resiliency. Backed with a manufacturer warranty 15 years for a long-lasting, lush, beautiful landscape that will last for years.

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SYNLawn 112 Review

"I researched artificial turf and related San Diego based companies about 3 months ago as part of a back yard remodel. We had about 300 sq ft off a covered TREXdeck that we wanted as a green belt area. I called SynScapes and Philcame to our house the next day to measure and show us a varriety of products. He was very professional and gave us a very competitive bid. We had them install BL 112, and added the pet guard. Installation went very smoothly, and we are very happy with the new lawn. Highly recommend SynScapes and Synlawn."
Author: beachman

Just installed and we are really happy It makes the yard look so much better..
Author: Lynda