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When our entertaining terrace needed a makeover, SYNLawn turf was just what we were looking for. Now our terrace overlooks our SYNLawn backyard and our home putting green. -- Zara C.

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Agoura Artificial Grass

Agoura Artificial Turf and Synthetic Grass

There are those that say that artificial grass could never look as real as natural grass. Don’t believe them

In cities like Agoura, artificial grass from SYNLawn is changing hearts and minds as it pertains to the realism of synthetic turf products. SYNLawn is home to the industry’s only Research & Development Lab. Over the course of more than four decades we have take artificial grass to a new and exciting level time and time again. Today our synthetic grass is so realistic in terms of look and feel that our artificial lawns, golf putting greens, playground turf and pet turf are giving real grass a run for its money. This is “fake grass” as you have never seen it. Consider that with a synthetic lawn from SYNLawn your yard will retain its perfection year-round for years and years to come. Why bother with the hassle of natural grass when you can achieve your goal of a pristine outdoor space so much more easily with our help? Call today to acquaint yourself with today’s synthetic grass from the industry leader: SYNLawn.

  • Residential Lawns
  • Pet Turf
  • Playgrounds
  • Putting Greens
  • Commercial Lawns

    Those who haven’t kept track of the incredible advances in artificial grass will be amazed by what they find at SYNLawn. Our Agoura artificial turf is a perfect reflection of natural grass, but is much more cost efficient and easier to care for

    • Little to no maintenance required
    • Pays for itself over time
    • Built to last for years and years
    • 100% recyclable
    • Custom design
    • Timely installation

    Our artificial lawns, backyard putting greens and indoor golf greens are centerpieces of any home or business. We offer a number of synthetic grass products for you to choose from, and invite you to familiarize yourself with them beginning now.

    The term “fake grass” doesn’t do SYNLawn products justice. We are proud to offer residents of Agoura synthetic turf products that pass the eye test in terms of realism and the touch test in terms of feel. Our experienced team is committed to creating a custom design that is culled from your vision, and that brings that vision to life. You may reach SYNLawn at (866) 739-5296. Take the time to schedule your free consultation today!.


    Agoura Artificial GrassAgoura Artificial Grass