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Our SYNLawn synthetic turf yard is so beautiful that neighbors are always asking about it! We always give SYNLawn a big 'two thumbs-up' recommendation! -- Monte & Megan Q.
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Fullerton Artificial Grass

Drought-friendly artificial turf landscaping solutions from SYNLawn

In a state with serious water issues, our artificial grass is a tool of conservation

In cities throughout Southern California including Fullerton, artificial grass installations from SYNLawn offer a number of benefits. One benefit you may not have previously thought of as it pertains to artificial turf is how it contributes to our state’s efforts to conserve water. Synthetic turf putting greens and artificial lawns require no watering, and in a state currently dealing with serious water shortage issues this is no small deal. Our synthetic grass products are incredibly durable and lifelike, and are used for everything from golf greens and synthetic lawns to playground turf and pet turf. In each instance, the presence of our products conserves water each and every day. The flimsy fake grass of the past is long gone, replaced by state-of-the-art products such as the ones we offer. And while water conservation is rarely if ever the primary reason our customers seek out our products, it is a very welcome additional benefit you’ll enjoy by installing artificial turf from SYNLawn.

  • Residential Lawns
  • Pet Turf
  • Playgrounds
  • Putting Greens
  • Commercial Lawns

    We are proud to provide residents of great cities like Fullerton with artificial turf products that are built to maintain their perfect look and feel with little to no maintenance required of you.

    • No watering, allowing you to conserve water and experience lower water bills
    • No mowing
    • No fertilizing
    • Built to withstand harsh weather and heavy foot traffic

    Our products are the result of a great deal of research and development. A big part of the R&D we do is geared toward making certain our synthetic turf is as environmentally friendly as it can be. The fact that our products require no watering is only the beginning of the ways they can positively affect the surrounding environment. The more you learn about SYNLawn products, the more you’ll know want them to be a part of your outdoor space.

    Call SYNLawn today at (866) 739-5296 to schedule your on-site consultation and find the right synthetic grass products for your needs. We promise you will love the end result of your custom installation, and will enjoy the added benefit of installing a product that does its part in helping you to conserve water.


    Fullerton Artificial GrassFullerton Artificial Grass